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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

Treehouse Accepts Grant

Block, Gauthier
Treehouse’s Laura Block (L) accepts a check from Madeline Gauthier.

Madeline Gauthier, BBRC Community Service Committee chairperson, introduced Laura Block, representing Treehouse, the organization that helps foster children. A check for $3,000 will be put to use helping youngsters who often have little hope. Laura thanked the Club and explained the special grant “makes an impact on children who need love. This will help them with bigger dreams.”

Block said these funds will help “an exceptional young woman, 16 years old, who is looking forward to college. She is slated to go on the Northwest Pioneers Black College Tour. She’s been working to earn money for this trip that will help decide her future educational career – $1,400 will help Liane go on this tour.”

Another young woman loves Spanish class. The class is taking a trip to Ecuador. She will receive $1,200 to help her realize her dream. A couple of Native American girls wishing to fulfill their grandmother’s dreams of learning their heritage will receive a small grant to study the history of their tribe.

Money put to work to help people realize their dreams, a product of the BBRC’s fundraising efforts.