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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

New Member Proposed: Maureen Concannon

Maureen Teresa Concannon has been proposed for membership, and her application was approved by the BBRC Board of Directors. She is sponsored by Sharon Edberg and co-sponsored by John DeWater. Maureen is a Bellevue resident who works for Presbyterian Retirement Communities Northwest, located in downtown Seattle. She’s a former member of the Rotary Club of San Antonio West, where she served as secretary and on several committees. Her classification is proposed to be “Retirement Community Management.”

For the past three years, Maureen has coached Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club teams in T-ball, baseball, basketball, and soccer. She is a member of the Washington Association of Housing and Services for the Aging. Her hobbies include league bowling and sports in general. She is a member of the Seattle Tall Club, open to women 5’10” and taller, and men 6’2” and above.

For comments or questions regarding this application, please contact Bob McNulty (Ph 425-885-3517) no later than noon on Thursday, March 28, 2002.