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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

We Get Emails

From Jenny Andrews

    “It's rare that I take notes during a Rotary presentation, but I found myself wanting to capture every word Richard (Tait, speaker on March 8) spoke this morning. Thank you, Rourke (O’Brien), for bringing us this wonderful speaker. I'm only sorry that it coincided with the arrival of the Arctic front.

    I also want to say that I think that we have the best president of any Rotary Club in America, if not the world. Steve (Goldfarb), you're wonderful! You absolutely made Janell's (Jirak) day. I heard her talking on the phone afterward telling someone every detail of your comments about her. A random act of kindness she will not soon forget! (Ed. note: Janell Jirak was the young lady who was the only member of the Glendale staff to make it into the Club that snowy morning and became a one-person kitchen dynamo. She prepared the breakfast and then served it to nearly 50 Rotarians who braved the weather.)

From Wally Mahoney in Laurel, NY

    Hi, Big John. We're here! After a month on the road and 6,000 miles on the car, we're in Laurel (Long Island). It was a great trip; I'd recommend it to anyone whose marriage is reasonably secure and doesn't need to stick to a timetable. Now, to unpack. Best to all, Wallace

From Colin Radford in Maui, HI

    Manio and I are here through April. If any BBRC members visit Maui between now and then, call us at 808-874-8228.

Replying to the request whether he’d attend the Retreat:

    In case any one missed unstated point of last message, this is also an RSVP: NO to the retreat and other activities in green and white and blue Pacific Northwest. We miss you, but not enough to return home while airline prices are so high. Prices recently doubled until through spring vacations. A round trip airfare for one is almost $1,000 just now. Fuel is down, security is up, airlines are merging. It's a great time to travel, though. Uncrowded airports and beaches just for starts. If you want to visit Hawaii this spring, keep an eye on the airline specials and start saving those Hawaiian Airline miles.