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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

Goldfarb, Klobucher
President Steve Goldfarb (L) congratulates Rick Klobucher on his selection as Rotarian of the Month for January.

Rotarian Of The Month

Still working to catch up, President Goldfarb awarded the ROTM plaque for January to “a member who has truly deserved this recognition for many years.” With the provision that no active board member may receive this prestigious award, Rick Klobucher has served for several years as the Foundation Chairperson of the BBRC. “Now that Rick has ‘retired’ from his post, it is possible for us to honor him for all the work he has accomplished in raising our BBRC Foundation to new heights, securing a solid beginning to our Endowment, and providing many behind-the-scenes, pro-bono legal services for the BBRC.”

Congratulations, Rick! The BBRC knows it can always count on you for that extraordinary effort on behalf of Rotary.