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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

New Member Inducted: Ken Perine

Martin, Perine
Paul Martin (L) introduces the BBRC’s newest member, Ken Perine.

Kenneth J. “Ken” Perine (rhymes with “Marine”) became the newest member of the BBRC Friday. Sponsored by Paul Martin, Ken is a recent Bellevue Noon Rotary Club member. His classification is “Pastor.” Ken lives nearby to the Glendale Country Club and “can almost walk to the meetings.”

As a young man growing up in Southern California, he began volunteering for the Salvation Army “when he was pulled off the beaches.” Today, Ken and his wife, Jenni, also a pastor for the Salvation army, have three children, Jonah, Courtney, and Bethany. He likes surfing (the real thing!) and plays the Euphonium.

Ken was pressed into service last week, before even becoming a member, when the snow prevented the selected invocator from arriving. Ken stepped in and delivered the invocation. To a standing ovation, Ken Perine became the BBRC’s newest member.