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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

Classification Talk: John Hague

John Hague
John Hague

John Hague, classification “Utility Analyst,” took his laptop to the lectern to help him through his Classification Talk. John was born in Bellevue. “I can remember Bellevue when there was an Uncle Harold’s and a stop light on 520.” John spent some time in England growing up and remembered his first job on the Promenade on English coast.

Moving back to the States, John worked as a research assistant for a U.S. Defense contractor. During this time he enrolled in school to learn accounting. “If you do what you enjoy, you’ll never work another day in your life,” said John. “I enjoyed the kill of sales in a car dealership. You’ve got their money and they’re gonna get it! I found out that accounting WAS fun and worked in the non-profit field doing contract accounting.

The other side of his coin is his interest in technical things, especially the computer. He had some nice things to say about Microsoft. He worked for MSNBC as a lead multi-media engineer. He worked in New York at the time of the crash of TWA flight 800. He worked in high definition TV, helped World Vision develop a new computer system, and has successfully combined accounting with computer engineering. He’s employed as an analyst for Utilyx in Kent. This is a company that provides a product to people … helps people do their jobs better. Utilyx repairs cables and does directional drilling. Injects cable, bringing back life to dead cables. John built their cable tracking system. “I’m a computer geek, but like the management part of business.”

He needed a glass of water to force some air into this brain at the outset of his presentation. As President Goldfarb observed, “After you got over the choking you did a great job, John!”