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Vol. 14, No. 37, March 18, 2002

Dale Hemphill
Dale Hemphill

Larry Gill
Larry Gill

Friday Potpourri

Top of the Mornin’ on this St. Patrick’s Day Friday from President O’Goldfarb! New member Ernie Hayden was slated to do the invocation, but gave way to Dale Hemphill who has been undergoing treatment for cancer. Dale, reporting his progress and giving a good report, returned to tell the Club how important the BBRC was in his life and what a lift the membership has given him during his latest bout with cancer. His remarks were greeted with prolong applause.

Hayden, Gill
Greeters Ernie Hayden (L) and Larry Gill

Larry Gill greeted five visiting Rotarians and orchestrated the introduction of several guests of members.

Nancy Prior explained the use of the feedback system employed on email to solicit registrations for the coming early April BBRC Retreat. “You have to reply by clicking the highlighted email address in blue, or paste the address to your browser.” Dick Brown assured her that he’s pasted to his browser.

L to R: Jay Powers, Steve Goldfarb, Frank Young

Frank Young, decked out in his All-Green St. Patty’s outfit, just could hardly wait to be called forward and fined $100 for a very complimentary article in a recent Eastside Journal. “It made me look good,” said Frank. Good is defined by Frank as $100! Thanks for spreading around your good cheer, Frank!