Vol. 15, No. 29, January 13, 2003

We Get Emails

Awaiting the Club Administrator this week was the following email:


    I went to see 'Catch Me If You Can' starring Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks and sat through a scene where there is a Rotary meeting of the New Rochelle, NY, club. Christopher Walken is given an award and I did make sure to applaud as he accepted his plaque.

    Now, I know that the scene does take place in late 1963, which is before I was born, but I was in utero at the time. You know, I have heard it said that a club member is a Rotarian for life. So, I figure that based on a quantum physics based space-time model, I was alive at that point in time and a Rotarian in good standing.

    I believe this qualifies for a makeup meeting, and I would like to be credited as such.

    Thanks for your help,

    Peter Stadelman


To which I replied:

    The rule has always been – when three Rotarians meet, then you have a meeting. What other Rotarians were in the theater with you?  Research, evidence, substantiations, proof! I love your logic, Peter!!  Do you mind if I share it with my Reveille readers??


To which Peter replied:

    Mixmaster John,

    There was no badge box, greeters, or guest sign when I entered the RTCC (Redmond Town Center Club), so I am not able to verify whether or not there were any other official Rotarians present besides myself and Christopher Walken.

    However, my lovely bride attended the show with me and I believe that she does qualify as an honorary Rotarian for this occasion. Let me explain. Deb Stadelman attended 2, that's two, Rotarian meetings recently. She was at the Holiday meeting on the 20th of last month and sang along with the Christmas tunes provided by Rotarians Powers & Face. She also attended the Annual Dinner on the 15th of November. She had the pleasure of sitting next to Mrs. Connie Salvatori and next to Rotarian Lewis, procurer of fine wine for the celebration. These two opportunities allowed her the chance to breathe enough Rotarian air and drink enough Rotarian wine to convert her into an honorary BBRC member for the movie which I referenced previously.

    I would like to offer Deb Stadelman as Honorary Rotarian by Osmosis and Diffusion for this day, thus qualifying Saturda,y January 4th, at 4:30 pm, as an official Rotary meeting.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Peter Stadelman


Now comes the vote:

Choose only one! Feel free to include your comments.

Give Dr. Stadelman a make-up for seeing “Catch Me If You Can.”


Give Dr. Stadelman TWO make-ups because he took his wife, whom he says has become a Rotarian due to the heavy social schedule of November/December.


Pass on this opportunity to start a new trend in make-ups and give Dr. Peter Stadelman the Creative Award for January 2003.










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