Vol. 16, No. 29
January 19, 2004

Estes Acts Out his Dream

An entertaining program featured Rob Estes, a new resident of the Seattle area who has many credits performing on television and in the theater. Rob starred in and directedTV's Melrose Place and Silk Stalkings. He had additional starring roles in Suddenly Susan (TV) in 1999-2000, and Days of Our Lives. Rob informed his audience that he’d like to do “more live theater.” He has been married to actress Josie Bissett since May of 1992. The couple has two children.

Estes was born in Virginia and moved with his family to Los Angeles when he was 12. “I had lots of activities while in high school and wanted to play football in the worst way. When it became apparent that I was too small, I decided to be a stunt man. As I trained for this vocation, I was set on fire, hit by a car and other heroic stunts. During this episode of my life, I had to read some scripts and found a great interest then in acting.”

Estes began his career on Days of Our Lives in 1986-87. “I have done a lot of theater, and work in that medium at the Edinburgh Festival helped to solidify my love for acting.” Rob also had many guest starring roles in such shows as Gilmore Girls, The Twilight Zone and 21 Jump Street. In addition, he was involved in producing 112 episodes of Silk Stalkings from 1991-1995.

Now, when asked “What do you do?” he replies, “I’m a father!” Rob and his wife moved to Seattle nine months ago, primarily to provide a new environment for their growing family. “My wife is from the Seattle area and she has about 200 relatives here! My kids really love being close to their cousins, so this is a great place to raise a family.”

Rob said he was involved in looking over scripts for the pilot season, just beginning. “There’s a stack of scripts for the new fall season. I’m trying to see if some might have some promise for me. But, working 15-hour days is not the best formula for my family. And, Seattle is not the best market for film. So the prospects are not bright.”

During Q & A, Estes was asked about his take on Reality TV. “It kills me ... it takes food right out of my mouth, all of these amateurs performing. I predict a short life span.” If an actor is to find work, he/she must be represented by an agent. The agent gets 10% of the contract. Commenting about graphic enhancements in this computer world, Rob said, “CGI (Computer Generated Images) is most amazing. What they have done has changed the face of production.”

Rob was awarded a certificate signifying a book has been given in his name to a child in the Bellevue school system. Thanks to Rourke O’Brien for his introduction and securing Rob’s appearance. Rob was also offered a starring role in the BBRC’s spring production of “Sponge Bob gets his Blue Badge.” When he comes up for air, we’ll see which part might fit best.


Estes Acts Out his Dream

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