Vol. 15, No. 36, March 3, 2003

Martinka Strikes Again

John Martinka
The most feared member of the BBRC – John MArtinka.

Making Fun of Idaho Day is held every Friday at the BBRC. No matter. Your editor, plus several of our worthy members, have ties to that great state and the University of Idaho. So what if IT stands for Idaho Terrorist? It might also stand for “Irreverent Testimonies” and false propaganda spread by the Sergeant At Arms. Just you wait! Shutting off the Snake & Salmon Rivers will cut off your water – no electricity, breakfast by candlelight, rare sausage, and eggs. Global Warming is coming!

Jan Nestler was singled out for a fine article praising her efforts of building the Eastside Adult Day Center to the place of eminence in our community. Thankfully, she got off without a fine!

Jim Young
Friday’s Fibber, Jim Young

To Tell the Truth
Jim Young offered four “facts” about his life, one of which was false. He said:

  1. he’d had a hand in the NASA Shuttle systems design.
  2. he’d met his wife on a double blind date 43 years ago (she was with the other fellow!) .
  3. his great grandfather built the 11th house in West Seattle.
  4. he’d caught a 90-pound tarpon while fishing in Florida recently.

By table, each group voted on which fact was false. Turns out that Jim told the truth on the first three items. He only caught a 20-pound grouper! Seems the membership didn’t fall for the fish story. Only $34 went to the kitty for wrong table answers.

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