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Vol. 14, No. 30, January 28, 2002

Click photo for a larger image.McCaulley, Vallat, Einstein
Wayne McCaulley (L) and Will Einstein (R) greet Bob Vallat.

Friday Potpourri

President Goldfarb opens proceedings with 88 members present. Wayne McCaulley offered the invocation and led the pledge. Will Einstein greeted four visiting Rotarians, who had to identify their most favorite movie. Steve Lingenbrink introduced a table full of people as his guests, and Mike Hyodo countered with like introductions. Will suggested a “table rate” for these two Rotarians.

Cogswell, Goldfarb
Evelyn Cogswell and Steve Goldfarb

Evelyn Cogswell has fulfilled her requirements as a new member and received her Blue Badge.

Jay Powers, current bad guy, ranged far and wide on Friday, collected lotsa bucks from suspecting Rotarians. Poor Will Einstein, who’s been kept awake by the arrival of his first child the day before Thanksgiving should have come clean earlier. Emma Claire weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces at birth, but today she weighs 13 pounds. Guess how much Will paid to the marauding Sergeant At Arms? Yep, $13.

Mike Hyodo
Mike Hyodo

will Einstein
Will Einstein

John Sheeran
John Sheeran

Craig Groshart told about the goat. Couldn’t find the goat. No fine.

John Mix related he saw a group of Kansas Jayhawk Fans on Good Morning America last week singing some kind of funeral dirge, which they said was a fight song. Howard Johnson was asked about this and began chanting the monotonous song: “Rock chuck, Jayhawk …,” etc. For this he received no fine?

John Larry May was fined $3.00 for sending Christmas cards with no stamps attached. He was fined because he laid the blame on his wife!

John Sheeran announced his engagement over the holiday to the lovely Bonnie. Congrats, John – $1.00 for postage stamps.

Steve Goldfarb revealed a slight peek at his Rotary underwear. Dick Brown, rumored also to be wearing such, said “I am not wearing underwear.” Fined $1.00 for creating a terrible image. Goldfarb said this is what happens when you go to Rotary Conventions. “I was enticed to buy these latest fashions last year in San Antonio. I must report, however, there is no fly in Rotary underwear.” (Kind of a “No-Fly Zone”)

The Invocation


A bible commentator was robbed and after reflecting on the experience he gave thanks:

    First, because it was the only time he had ever been robbed;

    Second, because, while they took his wallet, they did not take his life;

    Third, because, while they took all he had, it wasn't a lot;

    Last, because he was the one robbed, not the robber.