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Vol. 14, No. 30, January 28, 2002

Classification Talk: Sayoko Powell

Sayoko Powell
Sayoko Powell

Sayoko Powell, one of our new, engaging members, opened her talk by explaining what she does – in French, Japanese, and English. Sayoko is an Interpreter & Translator. “I pursue passion as my profession. Translation is verbal; interpretation is written. I have been doing this work since 1990. I work for many different companies, in courtrooms and operating rooms, and in various undisclosed remote locations.” Sayoko says her work comes with fringe benefits: “I once worked for a heart surgeon, who told me he’d give me a free heart operation! I was born in Osaka, Japan, in the year of the Tiger and was the oldest of four children. I was the tomboy of the family. My father was open minded and progressive and encouraged me to excel in many areas. I earned a bronze medal in Jujitsu and a Black belt in Karate. I also qualified to be a ship’s captain.”

No doubt about it, we have a keeper in Sayoko, who has jumped into her Rotary obligations with a vengeance. As she concluded, “America has given me a lot. Rotary gives me a chance to give it back.”