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Vol. 14, No. 30, January 28, 2002

New Member Inducted: Bill Knoppi

Knoppi, Lingenbrink, Ballard
Chris Ballard (R) straightens things out during Bill Knoppi’s (L) induction, while Lingensneak makes his exit

Bill Knoppi, after several false starts, became the BBRC’s newest member on Friday. He was eligible to join on the first Friday of January, but all sorts of roadblocks occurred, so the job was finished this past Friday! Steve Lingenbrink, Bill’s sponsor, used a script that Rick Meadows had to introduce Steve to the Club back in 1992. Seems the presenter doesn’t know the inductee as well as he should. Makes for great comedy. Chris Ballard, Knoppi’s co-sponsor, played the straight man. Ballard had to remind Lingenbrink of several important items, such as how to pronounce Bill’s name (it’s Kuh-noppi) and his wife isn’t Claire, she’s Sheryl.

All kidding aside, Bill Knoppi becomes member #118, with a classification of “Residential/Corporate/Commercial Moving.” Bill and Sheryl have been married 13 years and have four children under the age of seven. “Bill wasn’t sleeping much,” said Ballard, “so he started a new company called Beacon Technologies. It develops custom software for moving companies.”

Bill has volunteered for coaching youth baseball, the Bread of Life Mission, food drives, and other school oriented activities. He is a member of the Seattle Downtown Association, Bellevue Networkers, and Bremerton Chamber of Commerce. He is dedicated to becoming a great Rotarian.

President Goldfarb pointed out the activities Bill must complete listed on the back of his Red Badge and presented the newcomer with his pin and other Rotary stuff. A big welcome and standing ovation greeted Bill Knoppi to Rotary.