Vol. 14, No. 13, October 1, 2001

 Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Led by the sorriest bunch of reprobates you've ever seen, the latest Raffle Update took a geriatric turn Friday as the Club's Past Presidents performed as a panel for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Introduced by Chuck Barnes, the old-timers entered the room in various states of disrepair, highlighted by Lou Webb's reappearance in a fashionable plaid shawl and wheelchair. Led by a hobbling Don Chandler, the crew faithfully represented their eyewitness view of the Battle of Yorktown.

Bob McKorkle, Past President, was appointed Regis for the Morning. His job was to pose questions to this week's player, current president Steve Goldfarb. Steve could ask the past presidents for help and he had one phone call for a lifeline.

Question #1 for $5,000:
How much did Steve Goldfarb raised individually at last year's raffle?

A. $1,000  B . $2,000   C. $3,000   D. $4,000.

As Steve pointed out, he was Raffle Chairman last year, so he had to produce. The answer was $4,000 (actually near $4,700). The correct answer was worth $5,000.

Question #2 for $10,000
Which of these firms is NOT a team in this year's raffle?

A. Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler  B. Your Equity Services
C. Merrill Lynch   D.GLY Construction

The correct answer is C, Merrill Lynch. Maybe next year.

Question #3 for $20,000
What level of sales will Steve Goldfarb attain this raffle season?

A. $3,000  B. $4,000  C. $5,000  D. $5,000

Steve elected to use his 50/50, which was a bad decision, since his remaining choices were C and D. The coerced correct answer was $5,000.

Question #4 for $50,000
Who is the decision maker at Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler?

A. David Goldfarb  B. Steven Goldfarb   C. Alvin Goldfarb   D. Neil Diamond

Steve had to use the phone for his lifeline. At the other end was none other than Alvin Goldfarb! Steve said, "It couldn't be Dad, he's never been up this early in his entire life!" That set the stage for Mr. Senior Goldfarb giving some instructions to Steve for his day's work:

"Now, Steven, don't forget to give the janitorial crew their instructions, and you stay at the store until all the work is done. Remember, you have to pick up your mother and me for our trip to the theater tonight. Be there promptly at 6:45. And, son, bring me a cup of coffee from your meeting!"  Guess who's boss?

Question #5 for $100,000
Who's the decision maker at the Steve Goldfarb home?

A graphic showed the choices between
A. KitKat (the family cat)   B. Fredda (Steve's wife)  C. Steve.

A combination of the three decision-makers was parlayed into four choices. Steve said the real choice was "not up there. The real answer is Fredda, Fredda, and Fredda!" Steve lost out because the last answer was wrong (although it was right!). Easy come, easy go.

General Raffle Chairman Howard Johnson flew back from Kansas to attend this important meeting and revealed his concern that the raffle sales were progressing slowly. "Actually, we've banked $33,477, which is slightly above last year's pace … and I'm pleased to report that $13,366 was turned in today … for a running total of $46,843, nearly halfway to our goal!" The final part of the skit was to have each table, made up of the 18 teams, get together and confer about their raffle strategy, with a little more than a month to go.

The Parker Smith and Feek team of Gunderson, Harrison, Norm Johnson, Rick McManus, John Smolke, and Steve White is in the lead with $3,354. Mary Truesdell was applauded for becoming the first Raffle Multi-Millionaire, attaining the lofty goal of $2,000 in ticket sales. Good going, Mary!

Past Presidents
Old codgers at work.