Vol. 14, No. 13, October 1, 2001

 Sammamish $3,000 Richer

Smith, Cogswell
Youth Services Committee Chairperson Tom Smith presents Sammamish High Principal and BBRC member Evelyn Cogswell with a check for $3,000.

Evelyn Cogswell, principal of Sammamish High School and new BBRC member, graciously accepted a check from the Youth Services Committee for $3,000 to pay for the BBRC share of expenses for the student Day Planners. A project of several years, the planners are given to each student to help them through each school day. Evelyn explained that the Parent-Teacher Association also appropriated $3,000, so the two grants covered all expenses and allowed the school to give each student the Planner, without charge. YSC Chairperson Tom Smith presented the check.