Vol. 14, No. 8, August 27, 2001

 Wo Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Andrews, Young
Jenny Andrews is amazed how much Frank Young knows!

Jenny Philbin Andrews introduced Friday’s guest contestant, Frank Young, noted perpetual visiting Rotarian and BBRC benefactor. Frank said he wanted to be a millionaire and would subject himself to questioning. He then said if he won the contest, he’d buy 500 tickets @ $2.00 and deposit $1,000 in the Raffle fund!

To the sound of that familiar background music, Jenny began the questions:

    Question #1 – for $200:
    Which Rotarian sold most all his tickets in a porta-potty line? Frank polled the audience and determined this crafty salesman was Ted Szatrowski! Correct answer on #1

    Question #2 - for $150:
    At which community event was the BBRC charged with operating a parking lot without a license?
    Salmon Days was Frank’s final answer and it was correct.

    Question #3 – for $100:
    Who showed up at a Raffle Sales site without any tickets to sell?
    Frank used his 50/50 and John Martinka was the winning answer.

    Question #4 – for $50:
    Who sold winning raffle ticket to her secretary?
    Mary Truesdell

    Question #5 - for $20:
    The Raffle replaced what favorite fundraiser?
    Strawberry Sales.

    Question #6 – For $10:
    Which if the following is NOT an RI Theme? “Act,” “Serve”, “Participate” or “Reach”?
    Reach is correct.

Frank wins them all and becomes the first millionaire in the 2001 Raffle! And, a good time was had by all.