Vol. 14, No. 8, August 27, 2001

 Mahoney Prepares to Leave

Wally Mahoney and the Laurel Gang [L to R]: Alison, 12, Wally, ageless, Bill, 8, and Maggie, 10.

Although the date is a little obscure, Wally and Bernadette Mahoney will be leaving soon to take up residence on the East Coast. That’s kinda déjà vu, since that’s where it all began. The Mahoney’s have moved out of their home and into an apartment in Bellevue. At the same time, they have bought a house in Laurel, New York, about a “mile-and-a-half from the grandkids,” the one in this picture with Wally. Their furniture has been sent East, so this looks kind of serious!

Not to worry, though, as Wally emailed Robin Stark to say that he’d be back to sell Raffle tickets last Saturday. We’re not sure about the date of departure, but we hope that Wally and Bernadette let us say goodbye in a proper fashion. And, one thing for sure, as long as Wally has a digital camera and email, we’ll never want for connections with the Mahoneys!