Vol. 14, No. 8, August 27, 2001

 Classification Talk

Vince Lorrain
Vince Lorrain, giving his classification talk.

Vince Lorrain, who joined the BBRC in June, gave his classification talk on Friday. In preparing my remarks, I was reminded about the things we have in common in Rotary. We own or work at business and apply life's lessons. My wife Susan gives me life's lessons, as shes reminded me to stop thinking about yourself and grow up! When we were first married, Susan bought me a starter golf set. I really got into that game, and soon I was doing too much golfing. We lived right on the course and I would wave to Susan in the apartment window when I got to the 13th tee. I thought that was enough. One day, I returned from a round and found a golf bag and clubs in our bed. I got the message!

Vince has a son, Mike, who has a graphics and photography business in the Seattle area. His daughter, Julie, is married to Damon Huard, back-up quarterback to Drew Bledsoe, the former Cougar, now of the New England Patriots.

Lorrain retold lessons learned playing football: I came to UW from Wenatchee as a quarterback. I was awed by all of the equipment available to players. My coach introduced me to some workout equipment which Id never seen before. I tried lifting the weights, but they came crashing down on my head. No damage, but the next day I was assigned to the defensive roster. One of my friends reminded me to be thankful  there are 1,000 other guys that would give their right arms to be where you are. My senior year, I had the privilege of returning punts and was glad I could contribute.

Vince went on, If you want success, you gotta believe. I learned a lot through coaching. I had to convince my charges they could succeed and to do that, they had to believe.

Vince works for Pacific Capital Resource, Inc., a financial planning organization. The work I do brings out all of the things I've learned through my experience on and off the football field. Our company works with clients to reduce unnecessary taxation, develop employee benefit plans, craft management strategies, and create succession plans  just to name a few. The clock ran out on Vince and the BBRC learned more about this fine new member. Welcome, Vince Lorrain!