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Vol. 13, No. 36, March 26, 2001

 Sergeant At Arms At Work

Rourke O'Brien
Sergeant At Arms Rourke O’Brien making up for lost time.

Busy beaver Rourke O’Brien, back from a business trip (and not to Ireland, as reported last week) fined Jay Powers for more publicity in the business journals and for spreading rumors about Rourke’s moving to the Emerald Isle – $5.00. Donn Roberts paid $2.00 for showing off his home in Idaho. Wally Mahoney and Joseph Brazen each were fined $50, payable upon the sale of Wally’s home. If it doesn’t sell, Wally can’t move and must remain a BBRC Rotarian. If it sells, he moves, but both Wally and Joseph are out $50. Very creative, don’t you think?

And finally, O’Brien set a new time record by helping to induct newcomer Nancy Isely-Fletcher, and then fining her $2.00 for her Coldstream Capital connections. Nancy was fined 37 seconds after becoming a member. [I guess he can do that, can’t he?]


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