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Vol. 13, No. 36, March 26, 2001

BBRC Press Release:  Monday, March 26, 2001
[ghostwritten by Norm Johnson]

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, in a surprise announcement, indicated that they would be relocating club operations from the present site at the Glendale Country Club located in Bellevue, Washington, to a site to be selected in either Texas, Colorado, or Idaho.

In a press conference held on the steps of the Rock Bottom Café, Club President Cary Kopczynski stated, “We expect this transition to be completed before the fall. Our Board of Directors is making this decision in an attempt to be closer to our original President, Lou Webb, and in light of the need to be closer to the editor of the weekly Reveille, Robin Stark, now in operation from Memphis, TN.”

Kopczynski continued, “The BBRC has enjoyed the past 15 years in Bellevue, but feels that it is time to move on. With the advent of cyberspace and the fact that 99.5% of our members are now online, we feel that we can retain our present membership, with the possible exception of Dick Brown, and actually grow the membership using live webcasts of the weekly breakfast meetings. We will now be able to accept members from any community with the name “Bellevue.”

Rumors that the move would bring Kopczynski closer to his family’s roots in Chicago and Poland were exaggerated.

“The cost of breakfast and the need to park in the upper lot at the Glendale Club have nothing to do with this decision. The decision is made with the membership in mind. Although they will continue to be billed quarterly dues, the members will now have the option of watching the meeting on the Web and eating pop tarts at home,” Kopczynski observed.

All three of these states have communities with the name “Bellevue,” so the impact on the Club’s name would be minimal. Both Texas and Colorado were quick to respond with favorable tax inducements to win the Clubs’ approval. However, insiders give the nod to Bellevue, ID, the home state of the Club Administrator, John Mix.

Situated in the foothills north of the Snake River, Bellevue features the High Country Motel, serving a continental breakfast buffet and offering twelve paved parking spaces augmented by a graded and graveled auxiliary lot across Highway 75, next to Durg’s Auto Repair and Salvage. High-speed internet access has been promised by the Sagebrush Telephone and Storm Door Company, effective September 2001.

Being in close proximity to Hailey – the county seat – and legendary Sun Valley, Ketchum. and Picabo, the newly located club is sure to attract “dynamite programs such as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in a mud-wrestling contest, the Blaine County Commissioner’s monthly meeting, Jamie Lee Curtis conducting an off-site meeting at Redfish Lake, by beautiful Stanley Basin, in her famous T-shirt, and memories of Picabo Street from the only person left living in her home town.” Program chairperson Bob Holert was less than enthusiastic about the move, until told that Fergis Fenmeister of Bellevue owns a team of Huskies and that he rents them out regularly.

For more information contact the PR firm of Lingenojo & Mix.



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