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Vol. 13, No. 8, August 21, 2000

 Sadler Wins Best Legs Contest

The judges
The expert judges.

The Fellowship Committee, fighting back the summer doldrums, sponsored the first – and perhaps the last – Best Legs Contest (Men Only) last Friday. An impressive list of judges gathered to award a series of prizes in many categories and to select the “Grand Champion” from among the contestants. Some of the categories included Most Colorful Shorts, Best Suntan, Best Scar, Hairiest Legs, Whitest Legs, Longest Legs, and Shortest Shorts.

Each member wearing shorts paraded by the judges, stating his best case. Dick Brown’s flesh-colored SuppHose presented a nice touch, and Tim Moriarty bared his chest in addition to his legs. All those members who didn’t participate paid a $2.00 fine.

Steve Goldfarb and Dick Swanson did memorable struts/sashays/dances …

– Wally Mahoney

After heavy deliberations, the panel of judges returned to announce their decisions. The Best Strut went to Steve Goldfarb; Most Outrageous Behavior to Paul Juul; Best Duo, Tom Smith and Bill Spencer; Most Revealing, Tim Moriarty; Best Characterization of Demi Moore, Dick Swanson; Best Sport for Visiting Rotarian, Frank Young; Best Dressed Contestants – a 3-way tie – Bob Moloney, Bob Vallat, and Mark Esteb; Whitest Legs, Dick Clarke; Longest Legs, Bob McKorkle; Best Scar, a tie between Norm Johnson and John Smolke; Best Tan, Don Deasy; Most Athletic, Larry Gill; Hairiest, Peter Powell; Shortest Shorts, Alex Rule; and Shortest Legs, Drew Peterson (Terry’s son). Finally, the Grand Champion was Scott Sadler.

With Lorraine Gunderson and Mary Swan co-chairing the event, a series of loud rounds of applause and laughter marked the contest. Sadler won a handsome red hat which noted his newly acquired title of “District 5030 Best Legs.” Well, at least in the BBRC.

Oh, puh-leez click here here for some photos that will live on in infamy.


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