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Vol. 13, No. 8, August 21, 2000

 Friday Potpourri

Cary Kopczynski
“Legs” Kopczynski opened Friday’s meeting.

President Kopczynski rang the bell and opening Friday’s meeting. Lorraine Gunderson offered the invocation, Margie Burnett the flag salute, and Wendi Fischer greeted three visiting Rotarians, plus former BBRC member Jonathan Koshar, back for a visit from his home in Maryland.

BBRC’s new Exchange Student, Pakboom Sae-jung, from Thailand, was introduced by his host, Chris Monger. Our new visitor, who prefers to be called “Tar” (pronounced “Tah”), gave his maiden speech, thanking the Club for sponsoring him.

David Lu
David Lu, Ambassadorial Scholar

David Lu, a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from Taiwan, rose to introduce himself. He is sponsored by the Mercer Island Rotary Club and, representing District 5030, will embark on a period of Religious Studies in Israel, on his way to a PhD. David said he will write his doctorate paper on Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament.


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