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Vol. 13, No. 8, August 21, 2000

 Raffle Update

Jim Zidar
Whig Party Presidential Candidate Jim Zidar

Joseph Brazen took personal charge of the Raffle sales by depositing $2,000 worth of tickets with the Controller of the Raffle. Coupled with Bill Spencer’s $1,300 and some additional turn-ins on Friday, the Whig Party has taken a whopping early lead in the vote sweepstakes – 3,504 to 200. Steve Peters is the lone contributor to the Tory cause, with $200. Each dollar is a vote for the respective candidates: Dick Brown for the Tories and Jim Zidar for the Whigs. With Brazen’s work, the State of Affairs delegation, led by Shelley Noble, easily takes the first week voting tabulation with $2,204.

Meanwhile, Whig candidate Zidar was introduced by Party Chairman Terry Peterson for his first opportunity to address the electorate since his nomination. Zidar, dressed spiffily in his finest suit, set the record straight by explaining that his battle cry is “Whigs Need Zidar!” not, as has been rumored, “Zidar Needs A Wig!” He burned his opponent, “Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes” Brown, who switched parties at the last minute to take the nomination for the Tory party. Zidar noted that Brown’s forces had ”only $200 in the Raffle kitty,” praising his Whigs for their early 1750% lead. “In the words of Al Davis, ‘Just sell, baby,’” said Zidar as he concluded his remarks.


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