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Dick Brown

Dick “SuppHose” Brown on the runway.

Jeff Cashman

Jeff Cashman, up close and personal.

Dick Clarke

Dick Clarke accepts a bottle of sunless tanning lotion from Rosemary Arogon (University Club) for his Whitest Legs.

Johnson, Smolke, Andrews
Jenny Andrews presents the tie award for Best Scar to Norm Johnson & John Smolke . Or maybe it was for Best Golfer’s Tan.

Don Deasy

Don Deasy shows off his Best Tanned Legs.

Peter Powell

To hair is human … Peter Powell accepts the award for Hairiest Legs. This close-up shows the award was well-deserved.

Gill, Noble

Shelley Noble presents the award for Most Athletic Duds to Larry Gill.

McKorkle, Fischer

Bob McKorkle accepts the Lo-o-o-ongest Legs Award from Wendi Fischer.

Jon Peterson

In the shorter categories … Drew Peterson gets the Shortest Legs Award and …

Rule, Sweeters

Alex Rule gets the Shortest Shorts award from Megan Sweeters.


Scott Sadler receives his red cap award from Lorraine Gunderson.


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