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Reveille Burst

Rotary 2000

2000 Emblem

Vol 12, No 43      May 8, 2000


BAM! A New Bellevue Art Museum!

Scandal Erupts Around Delegates
by Carl Woodstein & Bob Bern

Koshar Departs

Lingenbrink Fines

Little Bits Update

Sammamish High Vocational Opportunities

Smile! You’re On the Digital Directory Camera

Group Home Gets New Paint Job

Raffle News

I Hate You, “ILOVEYOU”!!
by Robin Stark

Web Fun

Golf Tee


Friday, July 7

Mt. Si Golf Course
8:00 a.m. Shotgun
Check-in at
7:00 a.m.

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Nancy Rignel
Nancy Rignel, Bellevue Art Museum

BAM! A New Bellevue Art Museum

Nancy Rignel, Executive Director of the Bellevue Art Museum was energized over the prospect of a new facility to house its activities and displays. From a meager beginning in 1946, when the Crabapple Restaurant provided display of art by local artists and helped sponsor the first Arts and Crafts Fair in 1947, the Bellevue Art Museum has grown along with the Fair. And now, in the year 2000, the former Pacific Northwest Arts Fair will become known as the Bellevue Art Museum Fair and be the Museum’s largest public program and fundraiser. More

Scandal Erupts Around Delegates
By Carl Woodstein & Bob Bernward

The call came early Tuesday morning, before the “I Love You” virus saturated the world’s computers. A scratchy voice told us that another “Gate” was about to happen at Rock Bottom in Bellevue. Based on what we saw last Thursday, it most certainly was “Rock Bottom.” More

Koshar Departs

Jonathan Koshar, serving ably as the Club’s treasurer for the past two years, was recognized for that service on the eve of his departure for a new assignment in Washington, D. C. More

Group Home Gets New Paint Job

A team of dedicated BBRC members and Sammamish High students attacked a house owned by Community Homes of Bellevue on Saturday. This is the second such project undertaken by the BBRC at the request of John Therrian, owner of the facilities. They provide housing and programs for girls suffering from Downs Syndrome. More

Website Directory
Gets Green Light

A “Members Only” Directory will become a part of the BBRC Website on or about July 1st, according to Website Committee chair Steve Roberts. Members will be able to access the directory with a login ID and password, consisting of the member name plus another confirmation password. More

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Keeping up with today’s headlines, the BBRC waged its own battle with the ILOVEYOU virus. Who won? Find out

Rick Klobucher delivered the invocation and led the pledge to the flag. Lorraine Gunderson introduced five visiting Rotarians and other guests. Her attempt to find out what to do with the Taco Bell Chihuahua met with few ideas.

Chuck Barnes was asked to give a final recap of the Annual Planning Retreat. Twenty members participated in the golf outing, with Dean Pollock shooting a 96, followed by Rick Klobucher with a 98. All others broke 100. “At least 200 golf balls were lost,” reported a solemn Chuck, and 55 members attended the entire event. Chuck closed by saying “it was a great retreat, providing the new administration with terrific ideas to create a solid game plan.” Thanks to all who attended.

Earl Falk has returned to full battle status after an overnight stay in the hospital getting his pacemaker upgraded.

John E “Ted” Ederer has made news …he’s been named President of United Way. At the same time, he and Jeanne are proud first-time grandparents of son Tom’s and daughter-in-law Jennifer’s new arrival, Allison Kate. Congrats, Ted!

Henry VIII said: “Of seven peasants, I can make seven Lords. But I cannot make even one Hans Holbein out of seven Lords.” [This Thought was greeted with stunned silence, followed by a building crescendo of laughter. As President DeWater said, “I knew Hans Holbein was a stretch for this club, but I thought they’d know Henry VIII!]

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