Vol. 15, No. 34, February 17, 2003

Valentine’s Dinner Event a Roaring Success

For the umpteenth year in a row, the BBRC spread out over the Puget Sound region to partake of scrumptious food, quality libation, intellectual repartee, and extreme Rotary fellowship as the Valentine’s Dinner came to be. Headed by Lover-Boy Bob Moloney, this event has become a tradition for the Club. Guests are paired with hosts and share in the evening’s menu. This year, 60 members and guests participated. Testimonies for the evening fellowship were obtained digitally.

Here is a picture of Rotarians kissing up to the Sergeant at Arms. Will it pay off? Meet at the Martinka home, from left to right: John Martinka, Paul Martin and Susan, Gordon and Sharon Edberg, Lynne Gauthier, Wayne McCaulley and Jeannie. Jan Martinka was the photographer.

Valentine Dinner

* * * * *

Valentine’s Dinner at Jenny & Tom’s

On Saturday, February 15th, our Fellow Rotarian, Ms. Jenny Andrews invited a group of us to her house to celebrate Valentine’s Day over a wonderful dinner. Jenny and her husband, Tom, were terrific hosts.

Attending the party were Ted and Jeanne Ederer, Esther and Bob Moloney, and Ernie and Ginny Hayden. Of note, confusion immediately reigned when we realized we had three ladies with similar first names – Jeanne (pronounced Jean-ie), Ginny, and Jenny! We were able to sort things out but the confusion was only aggravated by the wonderful wines served.

Our hostess Jenny – not to be confused with Ginny or Jeanne – along with Tom, prepared a wonderful dinner of salmon (caught in Alaska by Tom) wrapped in phyllo dough. Ginny, Jeanne, and Esther also brought delicious appetizers.

Over dinner, Bob Moloney told us of his awesome computer skills (huh?). In fact, Tom and Jenny were so amazed by such a line of Moloney baloney, they just stared in awe.

Also, Bob told us of a Rotary Valentines Day Dinner tradition initially started by Dick Brown. Everyone was to tell how they met their significant others, and for those married, to also describe how they proposed. The funniest story at the table was how Ernie Hayden proposed to Ginny.

Ernie told of how he and Ginny were in college at the University of Washington and would study together. One evening while working on their homework, Ernie wrote a note to Ginny, folded it into a paper airplane, and then flew the proposal to her. Ginny was quite amazed at the approach, but ultimately said yes.

Tom told us how he “stole” Jenny away from a local policeman, and Ted and Bob told stories of how they met their lovely wives-to-be at parties.

Everyone had a great time in Jenny and Tom’s beautiful home. Thanks to Bob Moloney for coordinating the dinners and thanks to all for bringing delicious foods


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