Vol. 14, No. 20, November 19, 2001

BBRC Conveys First Honorary Membership
Traveling all the way from her new home in Memphis, Tennessee, Robin Stark became the first person to receive an honorary membership from the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club. Robin, accompanied by her husband Steve, took the occasion of the Anniversary Cruise to re-visit their former home in Tacoma and see friends and family. Steve works for FedEx in Memphis. Steve Goldfarb conveyed the new membership on our “behind-the-scenes” communicator, at which point she snatched the microphone away, offering an incoherent and mercifully brief thank you to the Club. [“Must have been the Captain’s martini.”]

In the fall of 1988, Howard Hillinger, a BBRC member, introduced Robin to John Mix, with the thought of using her talents as a graphic designer to publish the new BBRC weekly bulletin, the Reveille. After a couple of months of meetings and planning the new publication, the first Reveille came off the press on Monday, February 6, 1989, a date that will live in infamy.  Depending which slide rule you use, we are either in the 13th or 14th continuous year of publication, producing 50 issues a year. In December of 1998, the Reveille became part of the BBRC’s new website and we plowed new ground using new technological tools. Throughout all of this, Robin has been a consultant, designer, friend, and now an Honorary Member of the BBRC. [“You forgot ‘thorn in my side.’”] We don’t know what this really means, since we’ve never done it before, but maybe she’ll get some more recognition [“Nope, don’t need anymore recognition. This is good. I’ll be happy if I don’t have to pay dues and fines.”]. She’s been the steady hand that has made our communications efforts expand and improve. And, she likes to party! [“No, she LOVES to party.”]

Congratulations, Robin. Whatever this new honor means, you’ve earned it! And you’re always welcome to return and join us for the next gathering. [“Thank you. I’ll stick to the summer parties from now on. It’s too cold there in Seattle.”]