Vol. 14, No. 20, November 19, 2001

Foundation Information

Immediate Past Chairman of the BBRC Foundation Committee, Rick Klobucher, substituted for current Chairman Steve Roberts in presenting the Committee’s recommendations for supporting agencies with funds raised by the BBRC Raffle. During the last six weeks, the Foundation Committee has met to consider 20 grant requests, selecting six of those for on-site visits. A team of members visited each of the finalists, with the Committee meeting to finalize its recommendation.

The Committee recommended and the Board of Directors approved that the Major Grant for 2001-2002 go to Hopelink for its Employment Program, a grant of $20,000. Another $5,000 grant will go to fund a portion of the Northwest Burn Foundation’s project to redesign their educational materials. This is also the final year of a $16,000 major grant awarded over a three-year span to The Kindering Center in Bellevue. The total of $41,000 matches the support given in major gifts the past several years.

The Hopelink Employment Program is a new undertaking by Hopelink, the Eastside’s major supplier of assistance for low-income families. The new Hopelink project will substitute for existing services it has provided by contract with DSHS, to provide employment training and internships so that unemployed persons can successfully become employed and remain employed. The DSHS program has suffered budget cuts and is being phased out.

Klobucher pointed out that the BBRC grant of $20,000 will fund the start of a Hopelink-sponsored employment program, and Hopelink is confident that United Way will provide funding in the future. The grant is the latest example of cooperation between the BBRC and Hopelink. The BBRC helped to fund a community library/meeting room with a $60,000 grant over five years ago, which has taken shape in Hopelink’s new Bellevue facility on Main Street at 148th.

The Northwest Burn Foundation request was for $20,000 to cover the cost of redesigning and printing their educational materials. The Committee felt the Foundation’s request was very important and worthwhile, with the $5,000 going for design and production of a refrigerator magnet educational brochure and handout. The full report of the Foundation Committee will be available soon on the website for viewing by members.

As the Rotary Foundation month of November wanes, members are reminded of the new goal of the BBRC for supporting the Foundation. To reach a goal of $17,000 for the Club, each member should agree to contribute $150, according to RF chair, Chuck Barnes. Automatic quarterly billing is available through the Club to facilitate this important raising of funds. To receive quarterly billing, ask the Cashier for a pledge form, which is revocable. You can select any amount to be billed. The need for continued support of the Rotary Foundation and all of the impressive projects it undertakes each year continues to rise. Increasing our contribution by a mere $13 per year will accomplish reaching our goal.