Vol. 14, No. 20, November 19, 2001

BBRC is Sweet Sixteen
On a beautiful Puget Sound evening, the Royal Argosy Cruise ship departed Pier 56 for a voyage of lights, good food, and fellowship, as the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club celebrated its 16th Anniversary Friday. Leaving the dock around 7:00 p.m., the BBRC had the ship to itself as it circled Elliott Bay. The Captain even took the voyage to Shilshole Bay for a side visit, nearly to the Hiram Chittenden Locks.

The Anniversary Dinner has been a fixture of the BBRC fellowship schedule the past several years, commemorating the granting of a Rotary International Charter on November 20, 1985. At the same time, the gathering has coincided perfectly with the conclusion of the Raffle, and winners were announced at Friday’s cruise.

As chairman of the Raffle Committee, Howard Johnson, decked out in his Mr. Rogers Neighborhood semi-formal attire, made public the winning raffle names drawn the day. There were three big winners:

    Sporting a brand new 2002 Chaplin’s Volkswagen is Mary Kay Sanchez, administrative assistant to Frank Young, GLY Construction. Mary Kay and Frank will attend the November 30th meeting to pick up her prize. Kelly Dykstra sold the winning ticket.

    Donn Roberts called his own number when his ticket stub came up for the 3-night cruise from Seattle to Victoria and Vancouver. Donn sold himself the ticket.

    A $500 shopping spree at Bellevue Square was won by Klaus Meyn. The ticket was sold by Ted Szatrowski.

The final tally of contributions to the Raffle fund came tantalizingly close to the goal of $105,000. Margie Burnett’s final figures showed $104,994. When Jenny Andrews learned of the six dollar gap, she immediately volunteered a check to cover the amount (ka-ching!). Howard Johnson was at the Ticket-Tearing Party last Tuesday night and found there was much interest by those working the event in finding out the final tally. When he told each questioner individually that the tally was six dollars short, five more Rotarians stepped forward to put $6.00 in the pot (ka-ching!). So, the new, running total is $105,030! Howard gave each of the generous members an “Over the Top” certificate which reads: “With the purchase of this certificate for $6, I have the great feeling that I was responsible for putting the BBRC 2001 Raffle over its target goal of $105,000. It is a great feeling and worth whatever I might have paid for it!” Those sporting the special certificates were Jenny Andrews, Kim Shrader, Robin Anderson, Donn Roberts, Shelley Noble, and Steve Waltar.

HoJjo also singled out the great producers of raffle ticket sales for the 2001 effort. The Multi-Millionaires included Mary Truesdell, Don Deasy, Steve Goldfarb, Dick Brown, Norm Johnson, and Alex Rule. As Howard pointed out, these six Rotarians accounted for $13,595 in sales, a mighty big chunk of the total sales. Congratulations to these hard-working Rotarians!