Vol. 14, No. 16, October 22, 2001

Rotary First Harvest

Earl Falk
Earl Falk

Earl Falk, recent recipient of Rotary First Harvest’s high honor, the Mike Shanahan Award, gave his periodic report about the activities of RFH, District 5030’s premier community service project.

More than 1.1 million Washingtonians use food banks and emergency meal programs on an annual basis, and over half of the hungry are children and the elderly. With the current economic climate, more people will need food assistance.

More than one billion pounds of food goes to waste each year in U.S. landfills. Rotary First Harvest needs more funds to reclaim food for the needy. Thus, RFH has formed what is called “Harvest Partners,” where supporters of this program can offer a monthly deduction from the Rotarian’s bank account (authorization forms were available at Friday’s meeting). A tax credit will be sent to each Partner for deduction on your income tax.

Rotary First Harvest’s food gathering costs are only 2% of its budget. To increase the service rendered to the state’s hungry, an increase in RFH’s budget is necessary. Earl hopes that more Rotarians will take advantage of this easy method of support.

David Bobanick has been selected as the new executive director for RFH, with the resignation of Shelley Rotondo, who was tapped as the new Executive Director at Northwest Harvest. As it turns out, David comes to RFH from his previous job as Resource Development Director of Northwest Harvest. He has more than 10 years of experience in non-profit fundraising, management, food recovery, and distribution. His first day at RFH was September 17.