Vol. 14, No. 16, October 22, 2001

Actions by the Board of Directors
Resignations were regretfully accepted from Frank Stillo, who cited health and business reasons for his resignation; from Megan Sweeters, citing more time for her growing family; and from Milt Douglas, citing business and personal reasons. The Board also accepted leaves of absence for health or travel reasons for Wally Mahoney and Donn Roberts. Wally has had foot surgery and will take time through December for recuperation. Donn is planning an extended trip to China.

Norm Johnson
Norm Johnson

The Committee Sign-Up Project is back on track, with former Secretary Norm Johnson taking the bull by the horns and announcing that the next two weeks will see sign-ups by all members. All members are to sign up for two committees of their choice. Watch for this, itís important!

Immediate Past President Cary Kopczynski distributed a draft of the Clubís Operations Manual. Cary reviewed each section of the new document. Publishing will follow in this quarter, with updates supervised by the Past Presidents Committee.