Vol. 14, No. 14, October 8, 2001

Lake Heights YMCA Gets Grant

Sadler, Evan, Smith
Scott Sadler (L) accepts a check from Tom Smith, while Evan looks on.

Tom Smith, Chairperson of the Youth Services Committee, presented Randy Smith (former BBRC member) and Scott Sadler (current BBRC member) with a hefty grant to support programs at the Lake Heights Family YMCA. A check for $3,000 was accepted by YMCA Chairman Smith and YMCA Executive Director Scott Sadler. Sadler also showed a short video on the YMCA's 125th Anniversary. "We thank you for giving us the opportunity to put caring adults connecting in the lives of children."

Randy Smith, the board chairman, gave thanks from the Partners in Youth for the BBRC contribution. The funds will support the Lake Heights Daycare program and outreach for youngsters at Lake Heights Y.

Evan, 13, is Youth Chairman at the Y. He told members, "Scholarship money provided by the BBRC helped me to find new experiences, new interests, new dreams. Our counselors do a great job, and I'm really grateful for this program." As Evan put it, "The kids get the ideas, and the adults raise the money!" Evan complained that it's "really early to wake up at 5:30, and, yes, in addition to my spike hairdo, this is a dog collar I'm wearing around my neck!" The crowd loved it. President Goldfarb told Evan that he would find dog collars under each Rotarianís shirt and tie, too.