Vol. 14, No. 14, October 8, 2001

Friday Potpourri

Bill Schultheis
Bill Schultheis

Eveyn Cogswell
Evelyn Cogswell

The opening bell signaled another exciting Friday, morning with President Goldfarb doing the honors. (We thought he had a familiar ring to him.) Bill Schultheis was nominated to deliver the invocation and lead the pledge to the flag. Evelyn Cogswell asked four visiting Rotarians to explain their high school mascot to the audience. Didn't hear one from the Sand Fleas of Whidbey Island.

Earl Falk was honored at University Rotary on Friday for his work on Rotary First Harvest. He received the Mike Shanahan Award for his volunteer efforts. He was nominated for the award by Past President Cary Kopczynski. Congratulations, Earl! You are a credit to Rotary and the BBRC!

Terry Peterson
, coconspirator for the Raffle Scam, has another update for your perusal. "A strong collection day, with $6,200 taken in," says Terry. The total in the coffers for this raffle year is $54,053, moving about 20% ahead of last year. Nineteen members have cracked the Millionaire's Club and more are joining everyday. Terry says we need a strong collection day this coming Friday "to get us over two-thirds home. Banner Bank team is leading the charge, followed closely by Windermere and Parker Smith & Feek. Keep up the good work!