Vol. 14, No. 14, October 8, 2001

New Member Joins

Robin Anderson
Robin Anderson

Robin Carleen Anderson, transferring from Emerald City Rotary Club, became the Club's 114th member Friday. Sponsored by Cary Kopczynski and co-sponsored by Dick Clarke, Robin is no stranger to Rotary. She has had over 14 years of service herself, and both her father and mother are Rotarians in a Key West Florida breakfast club, which also meets on Fridays. Her classification is "Marketing Maverick," which will take some explaining.

Robin is best known for her chairmanship of a project called "Trains Across Russia," which sought to extend Rotary goodwill to the people of Russia. She was the PolioPlus District Chairperson and has traveled extensively throughout the world. She is a self-employed marketing consultant, having worked for the Seattle YMCA previously for 11 years.

Robin will be an active member in the BBRC and after receiving her pin and congratulations from President Goldfarb, she was treated to a standing ovation as the Club's newest member.