Vol. 14, No. 14, October 8, 2001

More Rotary Foundation Activity
Chuck Barnes, acquiring the title of Rotary Foundation Committee Chairperson from long-time holder Dick Clarke, reported on his attendance at the District Rotary Foundation Seminar held a couple of weeks ago. "Over 100 Rotarians attended to learn about fabulous projects around the world. Your contributions make that possible. You can join this wonderful organization by becoming a PH Sustaining member at $100 a year."

Lemmon, Barnes
Rob Lemmon (L) and Chuck Barnes

What does a $100 a year do? "It buys an artificial limb; school supplies for a school in Guatemala; a deep-water well in India, for example. Last year, the BBRC raised $14,875, or $137 per member. This year's goal is $17,000, or $150 per member. The Club will help you remember your Paul Harris contribution by billing you quarterly. Just ask to sign the pledge form available at the Cashier's table.

Two new Paul Harris Fellow certificates were presented Friday. Rob Lemmon has contributed at least $1,000, gaining him the attractive Paul Harris Fellow framed certificate.

Barnes, Burnetts
Chuck Barnes with Margie Burnett (R) and her mom, Dora Belle

Margie Burnett already has her Paul Harris pin, but went for her second Fellow, which was presented to her mom, Dora Belle, from Pe Ell. Margie gets a sapphire. It was nice to meet Margie's mom, who was the subject of great comedy several years ago when the city of Pe Ell was having water problems. Dora Belle reported to Margie, "It was a real pain having to boil the water for a year." That's a heap a lot of time between drinks, wouldn't you say? All is well in Pe Ell, now that the "government keeps sending us money to fix our water problems." Congratulations, Dora Belle and Margie, and also to Rob Lemmon.