Vol. 14, No. 14, October 8, 2001

Outreach to Homeless Youth

Susan Harrison
Susan Harrison reporting on Rotary Homeless Youth Foundation

Susan Harrison, Chairperson of the BBRC Community Service Committee, gave a report on the Rotary Homeless Youth Foundation and its activities in the University District and Capital Hill/Broadway area. "I am a member of the board of the RHYF and am working on getting Rotary Clubs to provide a weekly Saturday dinner for the homeless youth. I've contacted most of the club presidents in 5030 to ask their clubs to prepare a meal for kids once a quarter. I'm happy to report I have almost all slots filled! Now the program is moving to Capitol Hill/Broadway area, where the need is great. The RHYF is almost completed at Sand Point; they do need volunteers. I'm also working to consolidate efforts by various organizations to give better service. All of us who prepared and served the meal a couple of weeks ago on behalf of the BBRC were impressed by our experience. Thanks to all who served and to those who contributed to the meal."

Susan also reminded members that old cell phones are being collected to give to women who need a method of communication to 911. Any members who have cell phones that are no longer in use should contact Susan.