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Vol. 12, No. 48, June 12, 2000

 Raffle News

Sharing Golf Strategies
Rotarians strategize before the long ball contest. (L-R) Rick McManus, Dale Hemphill, Golf Chairman Tim Moriarty, and eventual winner Rick Klobucher.

Representatives of Golf Outing foursomes competed early Friday morning, vying for a complimentary round of golf at Glendale Country Club. The trick was to drive the ball off the tee the farthest, using unconventional weapons. The golfers had the choice of hitting the ball from the opposite side; hitting from their normal side-but blindfolded; using a hockey stick, or a club with a tennis racquet attached. All the competitors decided to fire away from the opposite side. Rick Klobucher showed that heíll be someone to deal with at the July 7 th Golf Outing. He was the first competitor and drove the ball straight down the fairway at least 150 yards away. Others didnít fare as well and Klobucher copped the prize.

Rick McManus
Rick McManus
prepares to clip the green.

Tony Banks
Tony Banks gives new definition to the word "divot."


On another note, Rick McManus, one of the Golf Outing Committee Members, noted the silent auction, which will take place during the course of the golf tourney, has several great packages for golf outings at various area courses. Those who participate in the Golf Outing are eligible to compete in the silent auction.

The Golf Outing is the means by which the BBRC raises funds to pay for all the expenses of the annual Raffle, including the prizes.

You can easily register online for the Golf Outing by clicking here or on the button below. Payment can be made by check, money order, or with a credit card by mail (instructions and information available at the linked page), or members can have the amount billed to them.


Golf Tournament Registration


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