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Vol. 12, No. 48, June 12, 2000

 Choices Gets Backing From BBRC

Esteb, O'Brien, Muller
Choices gets its check. (L-R) Mark Esteb, Amy O'Brien, and Leo Muller.

Leo Muller, Executive Director of the “Choices” program in Bellevue Schools, and Amy O’Brien [Rourke’s wife], staff member for the new program, accepted  a check Friday for the BBRC’s participation in this new effort.

The program is designed to show students their options in life, helping them learn how they can take charge of their lives, showing them the factors influencing who they are, segments on decision-making and the consequences of those decisions, and seminars on time and money management. O’Brien coordinates the program to enroll volunteer mentors and seminar leaders. Jenny Andrews presented a check for $5,000. Mark Esteb is chair of the Career Development Committee.


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