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Vol. 12, No. 48, June 12, 2000

 New Member Application Approved:
 Donn Roberts

Who sez you canít go home again? The BBRC Board of Directors approved the application for membership on behalf of Donn Roberts. Donn is a former member of the BBRC during a five-year-period from October 1986 until he left the club in the early í90ís. During his tenure, Donn served as Director of Vocational Service on the BBRC Board.

Donnís classification is proposed to be ďAir Conditioning-Sales.Ē Donn is president and owner of Roberts Trane, a sales, installation and maintenance company of air conditioning systems. Donn has kept a connection with the BBRC, offering use of his boardroom each year for the drawing of the BBRC Raffle. Roberts Trane is located in the Overlake Area of Redmond.

Donn lives in Clyde Hill with his wife, Patricia. They have two children, Jeff and Brian. Donnís sponsor is Dick Tschetter, and he is co-sponsored by Chuck Barnes. His community involvement includes Overlake Hospital Business Giving Committee and membership in the American Society of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Engineers. He enjoys golf, fly fishing, skiing, and hunting. Donn is also a member of the Overlake Golf and Country Club and the Central Park Tennis Club.

Member questions and comments may be directed to Tom Smith no later than Thursday June 22, 2000.


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