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Vol. 12, No. 48, June 12, 2000

 Nominees Named For Raffle Push

Okay, here’s the deal: Under the watchful eye of Convention Chair Steve Lingenvote, each of the 14 “state delegations” put a name forward to be their nominee in the forthcoming primary election. Election 2000 between the Whigs and the Tories is heating up, as the date for the primary nears. All of the proceeds (dollars) put up by each “state” (sales team), up to and including the Annual Golf Outing, will determine the winner of the primary election. So, on Friday, names were floated to carry the banner of each state.

To say there was some collusion on the part of the Tories would defy gravity. Six of the seven states touted Dick Brown as their nominee. Only the State of Confidence, led by Dick Tschetter went for dark horse Mary Swan.

The States of Nirvana [chaired by Jeff Cashman] Blame Canada [Lorraine Gunderson], Enthusiasm [Sharon Edberg], Excitement [Dale Hemphill], Shock [Steve Roberts ], and Euphoria [Chaired by Wendi Fischer] all voted Dick Brown as their nominee.

On the Whig side of the ballot, a variety of also-rans were nominated. Recent retirees Dean Pollock [nominated by the Scott Sadler-led State of Denial] and John Mix [nominated by Kim Shrader’s State of Mind] were named to head the ticket in their respective states. George Washington will make a miraculous comeback for the Fine State of Affairs, chaired by Shelley Noble. Jim Zidar was named as the favorite of the Visual State, led by Rick McManus. Bob McNulty’s State of Panic nominated Richard Nixon, “because he’s gotta be better than what we got!” The Altered State, chaired by Chris Ballard nominated Patti Payne and Rob Lemmon’s State of Perfection selected the Mariner Moose.

Votes for each of the candidates will be tallied based on the number of dollars raised by each team (state) for the Golf Outing. This includes registration fees, mulligan purchases, sponsorships of holes, other contests, and bids at the silent auction. Watch this space for more news on Election 2000, the BBRC Raffle!


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