Vol. 17, No. 21, November 22, 2004


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It’s the Thanksgiving Holiday! No meeting on Friday in observance of this wonderful family time. Enjoy! Next meeting December 3rd at the Costco Headquarters in Issaquah. Refer to this map.


We need an accurate count of members and guests attending the Costco program on Friday, December 3. At the November 19th meeting, 70 members indicated they would be in attendance. What about the other 42? If you did not attend the 11/19 meeting and plan to attend the 12/3 meeting, we need to know that. Please contact the Club Administrator with the information you are either ATTENDING or NOT. Deadline for sending this information is Monday, November 29. Thank you. And remember this Thought at Thanksgiving: “Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” (Find out more about this great thought in today’s feature: Point of Inspiration)

The Friday Program:
The Emerging Age of Biology

Speaker1The BBRC went back to class Friday, biology class that is. With Professor Tom Ranken, fellow Rotarian from University Sunrise doing the honors, the club learned about VizX Labs’ projects that are making an impact in the world of science.

Tom, being the wary Rotarian he is, opened his message when he told his audience that he had to negotiate his fee for this presentation with Program Chair Jim Gordon. “After I found out what the fee would be, I sent in my check!” Another fundraising idea!

Tom is CEO of VizX Labs headquartered in Seattle. He’s an alumnus of Immunex and has been in the Biotech field for 15 years. “It’s incredible, intriguing stuff, as we seek to find the Holy Grail of Biology.”

Back to class we went. Ranken showed a slide that said “Genes express proteins.” Further explained, “express means ‘makes’ ­ genes make proteins. Every cell has a genome, a recipe, sort of an instruction booklet. What we are learning is leading to incredible changes in the knowledge revolution.”

Now, it gets more difficult. DNA properties consist of a double-stranded twisted chain with four elements and over 3 billion base pairs. The parts of this include genes, of which there are 20,000 to 25,000 different identified genes. Then, Tom said something really significant: “Humans are over 99% IDENTICAL.


ThanksGivingDinnerSMThanksgiving Baskets

Through the generosity of BBRC Rotarians and others, enough foodstuffs and money was collected to create at least 20 Thanksgiving Baskets for needy families served by Hopelink and the YMCA. Shelley Noble reported that $150 in cash was donated on Friday, and those funds will buy the turkeys needed to fill out the baskets. Howard Johnson, who is known as “Mr. Turkey” (among other aliases), made the purchases of the birds, and the baskets will be distributed prior to the holiday. Shelley wants to thank member of the BBRC for their participation in this project, one which has been going on for many years. Most assuredly, the recipients of the baskets will have a brighter day this holiday.


A New Fellowship Opportunity

Mark your calendars now! Third Thursday of every month!

Beginning with Thursday, December 16th, we are kicking off a new BBRC tradition. The third Thursday of every month, we will be meeting at the Rock Bottom in Downtown Bellevue (at the Galleria) to have a beverage, some hors d'oeuvres, and a generous helping of BBRC Fellowship. Many of you have been part of that tradition vis à vis the Sergeant at Arms Committee, but this is a fellowship opportunity that is extended to the entire Club. Please take this opportunity to come and meet with your fellow Rotarians for fun and fellowship.


Giving Tree

Less than 15 ornaments remained at the close of business on Friday, November 19, and Scrooge Salvatori was pleased. However, he will be really pleased if the balance of the ornaments are plucked from the BBRC Giving Tree. Here’s the deal:

GivingTreeBecause of the Thanksgiving holiday, little time remains for all ornaments to be picked up and gifts procured. If you do not have an ornament and feel guilty that you don’t, contact Phil (Ph 425-641-6400. He will guide you into action.

Once you’ve acquired an ornament, please follow the directions and purchase your gift. Some will be wrapped, others will not. Whatever happens, please attach the ornament to the gift, so the déjà vu can come full circle. There are two Fridays remaining for bringing gifts to meetings: Friday, December 3, at the Costco Headquarters in Issaquah, or Friday, December 10, at our regular meeting spot at Glendale Country Club.

Got that? Your participation will make some youngster mighty happy this Christmas. Thanking you in advance, he remains, Guido Salvatori, the Giving Tree Man!


Program Alert

There are several upcoming programs that all members should be aware of:

December 3 - OFF-SITE MEETING!
After we come off our Thanksgiving Holiday vacation, that Friday meeting will be held at COSTCO’s Issaquah headquarters. This will be a banner meeting, with the major topic exploring how COSTCO handles ethics in business. Get an inside look at one of the nation’s most successful businesses. Bring a friend, a potential member. But, whatever you do, remember to go to COSTCO’s Issaquah headquarters on Friday morning, December 3, at 7:00 a.m. (No meeting at Glendale that day ­ duh!)

December 17
The annual Holiday Breakfast will take place at Glendale Country Club. This BBRC special invites all the little people connected with our club and a chance to see Santa and receive a gift. Come and enjoy yourself and bring your children or grandchildren to this wonderful holiday event, 7:00 a.m., December 17, Glendale CC.

January 7
Traditionally, Glendale closes for special renovation projects the first week or so in January. Because of the way the calendar lines up, the first meeting of January will be held elsewhere. Please make a note of this, and the site for the meeting of January 7 will be revealed soon.


LeavesSMThought for the Week

On behalf of the Officers and Directors of the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, I extend best wishes to you and your family celebrating Thanksgiving Day! May this day give you day of peace, love and goodwill for your family and friends. ­ President Norm Johnson



John Mix

Jim Kindsvater







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