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VOL 16, NO 17
OCT 20, 2003

Marcene McGowen
Marcene McGowen

CPR and AED in Action

Marcene McGowen, an instructor in First Aid and an Emergency Medical Technician with Eastside Fire and Rescue, gave an informative refresher course in the uses of CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines at Friday’s meeting. Her major message was that CPR doesn’t restart the heart in the event of cardiovascular failure, it only buys time until a medical team can arrive. The AED is the latest technology which actually becomes the critical link in the chain of survival involving victims of cardiac arrest.

“Time is critical in an emergency,” Marcene observed. She revealed a chart that showed damage to the body is not likely within zero to four minutes; damage is possible if the condition is allowed to persist from 4 to 6 minutes; from 6-10 minutes, damage is very likely; and after 10 minutes, it is irreversible. READ MORE


Two of the fine clubs in District 5030 (University and BBRC) will be gathering this coming Friday night, October 24, to let off some hard-earned steam at the Bowl-n-Suds Tournament, set for Leilani Lanes, in North Seattle at 6:00 p.m., followed by a social at Hales Ales Pub in Ballard at 8:15. The fee is $13 per person, which includes bowling shoes, while the Pub is Dutch Treat. Please let Tom Purdy know by calling 206-729-1796, extension 166. SEE FLYER FOR MORE INFO

Preserve Planet Earth Sets Sammamish ReLeaf

The BBRC Preserve Planet Earth committee invites one and all to a four-hour work party at 60 Acres Park at NE 116th in Redmond. This project is to replace trees and remove invasive weeds near NE 124th, along the Sammamish River. The work takes place on Saturday, November 15, in cooperation with the King County Department of Natural Resources and the City of Redmond. This will be the seventh year of projects by the BBRC along the Sammamish River. Members are reminded to bring shovels, warm clothing, gloves and other family members to this important environmental event. For more information, contact Vicky Hunsicker Sanko (Ph 425-869-8724)

Cary Kopczynski
Cary Kopczynski

The Rotary Minute
by Cary Kopczynski

Cary Kopczynski gave the Rotary Minute, featuring the early days of Rotary, when Paul Harris invited four other men to join him for lunch. The date was February 23, 1905, and Rotary International will celebrate its 100th anniversary on that date in 2005. The Centennial Convention will take place in Chicago to mark the place where Rotary was born.

Warren Crain
Warren Crain

GSE Team Selected

Four team members for the coming year’s Group Student Exchange were selected last week and will join Seattle #4 Rotarian and team leader Mason Sizemore, spending five weeks in District 9200 in Africa. The announcement was made by Warren Crain, a member of the District GSE Committee.

Thought for the Week

Bowling is aerobic exercise.


Lend A Hand

Captain Ted Lindstrom, United States Coast Guard, Commanding Officer of the USCGC Midegett, will describe the Coast Guard’s role in the security of our country. Bring a guest or potential member to Friday morning’s breakfast at Glendale. Meal at 7:00 a.m, meeting at 7:30 and program at 8:00 a.m.

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