Vol. 15, No. 21, November 18, 2002

Barnes Receives Shanahan Award
By Kim Shrader

Chuck Barnes
A surprised Chuck Barnes accepting the Mike Shanahan Award.

Earl Falk, Chuck Barnes, and I attended the University Rotary Club presentations of the Shanahan Awards Friday noon, November 15th.

There were five winners of the Shanahan Award. Dave Bobanick, Executive Director of Rotary First Harvest spoke; Mike Shanahan spoke, and the people who sponsored each award winner got up and introduced their winner and discussed their accomplishments and reasons why they were nominated. Chuck was very surprised, as he did not know he had won. Steve and the Club did a good job keeping it a secret.

Steve Goldfarb sent Chuck Barnes, Jim Owens, and me an emergency email right before he went out of town about a week ago asking if someone could attend the Friday luncheon meeting. Chuck emailed and said he would attend. As Chuck and I walked into the luncheon together he said, "Why am I here? This is for Rotary First Harvest and I’m involved in the RI Foundation." I told him it was nice he was attending. Earl, Chuck, and I sat down at a table with people from the Issaquah Club, including District Governor Nominee Kathy Johnson. I read the Steven Goldfarb letter and Chuck came up to the microphone and had the opportunity to make a few comments. He was surprised and speechless.

We recognized Chuck during the Anniversary Dinner that evening. Judy Barnes remarked that today was the first time in Chuck's life he had nothing to say!

* * * * * *

Goldfarb Letter Nominating Chuck (February 2002)

    Rotary First Harvest
    P.O. Box 1275
    Mercer Island, WA 98040

    RE: Mike Shanahan Volunteer Service Award Nomination

    It gives me great pleasure to nominate Charles T. “Chuck” Barnes as the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club’s Mike Shanahan Award Nominee. Chuck became a Rotarian in 1987 and it was evident from the start that he has a heart for Rotary. He’s been an active member of our club from the beginning, becoming the BBRC’s 12th President in 1997-98.

    Chuck has had a special heart for hunger relief. In 1995, he volunteered to serve on the board of Food Lifeline. At that time, this organization was the supplier of food for the Multi-Service Center’s (now Hopelink) food banks on the eastside. After his term was up, Chuck began volunteering at Hopelink’s food bank in Bellevue.

    This led to his nomination as a member of the Hopelink Board of Directors on which he now sits. Chuck has volunteered twice a week in the Hopelink Food bank for the past 4 years. He’s a member of Hopelink’s Finance Committee and is chairman of Hopelink’s Facilities Committee. With this responsibility, Chuck chairs the committee that oversees the ten major facilities operated by Hopelink, including food banks. His committee evaluates existing facilities, recommends upgrades and purchase of properties to the Hopelink Board.

    Rotarian Barnes has volunteered his services at Rotary First Harvest work parties “about an average of once a quarter for the last several years. When asked why he does this, Chuck responds that working in the hunger relief field “helps keep the real world in reality for me. It’s so easy to get caught up in your everyday life and we don’t appreciate how much need there is out there. When you volunteer with an organization like Hopelink, you get to see it all. Day care, transportation, transitional housing, education programs, health services and emergency services. It puts a different face on what’s really happening. You can’t say these suburban communities don’t have problems when you see the demand generated by these families in need. I feel like I can make a small difference by giving back. Rotary showed me the way towards this, plus the programs of my church.”

    Being introduced to Rotary First Harvest early in his Rotary career has made Chuck Barnes appreciate what a tremendous asset this service is to families throughout Washington. “I’m very proud to be connected with an organization that does such meaningful work as Rotary First Harvest. And I credit Rotary for introducing me to RFH and Hopelink. I really cherish the opportunities these organizations have given to me.”

    We proudly submit Chuck Barnes’ name in nomination for this prestigious award.


    Steve Goldfarb, President


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