Vol. 14, No. 35, March 4, 2002

Alan Pratt
Alan Pratt
Tom Smith
Tom Smith

Friday Potpourri

President Goldfarb struck the bell, signifying another exciting BBRC Friday morning.

Alan Pratt delivered the Invocation and led the pledge to the flag.

Tom Smith greeted five visiting Rotarians, who were asked for a guess as to which picture would be one of the Oscar nominees. The anaswers rnaged from “I don’t have a clue” to “A Beautiful Mind” and “Lord of the Rings.” The meeting progressed with introductions of

Harrison, Hyodo
Susan Harrison & Mike Hyodo
Smith, White, Pratt
L to R: Tom Smith, Steve White & Alan Pratt

many guests of Rotarians. Jeweler Goldfarb said he went to the theatre to see Lord of the Rings “just for the title.” (That reminds your editor about the young adolescent who went to the library looking for provocative reading material, selected one called “How to Hug,” secreted it in a bag, rushed home, up the stairs to his room, locked the door, closed the blinds, and opened the bag, only to find he’d selected the eighth volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica!)

Jerry Henry, Bellevue Rotary Club, was an active participant at the Press Table. Secretary-to-be Robin Callan broke eggs and bacon, trying to see if he could get out of the post to which he’s been elected.

Susan Harrison gave Mike Hyodo a big, white Valentine Bear for his gift of a computer to the Teen House in Seattle.