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Vol. 14, No. 27, January 7, 2002

BBRC Pledging Takes a Leap

At the conclusion of Friday’s program, members were asked to join the Rotary Foundation, if they hadn’t already, and anyone already involved was asked to consider increasing their annual giving.

BBRC Rotary Foundation Chairperson Chuck Barnes reported that Friday morning, 57 Rotarians pledged $13,460 to the Rotary Foundation. “That’s an average of $236 per pledge,” said Barnes. “If the other 58 members of the BBRC could equal what was pledged at Friday’s meeting that would raise an additional $13,700, for a grand total of $27,000 from the BBRC. What a tremendous feat and what a great message that would send to every other club in District 5030, that the BBRC is really #1 in every aspect of Rotary.

Thanks to everyone who pledged, and thanks as well to those of you who will pledge to support the incredible work around the world of the Rotary Foundation.”