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Vol. 14, No. 27, January 7, 2002

Friday Potpourri

Powell, Stadelman, Goff
Sayoko Powell (L) and Suzanne Goff greet Peter Stadelman.

Joseph Brazen tripped over the Reveille computer cord, disconnecting the power. No harm done. Joseph looked great in his new Hawaiian tan.

Sayoko Powell gave the invocation. Suzanne Goff led the pledge to the flag and greeted four visiting Rotarians and several guests.

John Martinka, apprenticing for his new job in July, filled in for Jay Powers in the Sergeant At Arms gig. John endeared himself to everyone by conducting a Rotary Pin check – att $2.00 per.

John Martinka
John Martinka

About $50 went into the SAA kitty. Chuck Barnes got front-page attention in the Mercer Island Reporter in an article on Hopelink – $5.00 for the color photos! Dick Brown, proud grandpa, paid $6.00 a pound for the arrival of Joseph William Porter in Spokane. Steve Lingenbrink was driving his Porsche this morning and didn’t stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk – $3.00. Lawrence the Florist 2002 calendars were distributed in December and Martinka didn’t get one – $2.00. Wally Mahoney, back from foot surgery, paid $1.00. It would have been more if Wally was foot from back surgery.

Madeline Gauthier reminded everyone that this Friday is collection day for Treehouse. Bring your gifts of luggage and/or clothing to this Friday’s meeting.

Earl Falk reminded everyone of the Rotary First Harvest Work party at Pier 91 in Seattle, Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Kim Shrader reminded members of the Annual BBRC Retreat at Port Ludlow, set for April 5-6. “Put it on your calendars.”