RI 2001-2002 THEME

Vol 14, No 12      September 24, 2001


John Mix

Jim Kindsvater



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John Martinka
John Martinka

The Tonight Show with Johnny Martinkarson
In a new twist to present the quarterly club assembly, John Martinka snuck up on everyone with his rendition of “The Tonight Show.” It seems that our International Committee didn’t spend all its money last year, so John took the funds and his family and headed for Europe. His goal was to find good international projects. MORE

BBRC Shows Its Mettle
Jeff Cashman made the pitch for support of member’s contributions to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund in response to the terrible attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Jeff cited the Club’s past solicitations going back to the it’s first year for Rotary’s PolioPlus, when over $10,000 was pledged; and help for a family flooded out during dangerous floods in 1990 in the Skykomish River valley – over $6,000 was raised. Numerous other special appeals helped people around the world suffering from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados. “Never in my worst dreams did I think I’d be up here to talk about an event that killed or injured 13,000 people in our own country. MORE

BRBC Hosts Rotary Homeless Youth
With help from BBRC members assembling the menu and a cooking/serving crew performing Bon Appetite, the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club took its turn as hosts for the Saturday evening dinner at the Rotary Homeless Youth facility at Sand Point. Community Service Committee Chairperson Susan Harrison said exuberantly, “We had a fabulous time serving dinner to the kids. They looked to be around 16-18, mostly guys, a few girls. They were so nice, polite, sweet, and humble. As each was being served, you could ask them what item they wanted and for a moment they each seemed like any one’s teenage kid. Shy and sweet. It was touching. We all agreed that it was a fabulous thing to do.” MORE

Live Auction!
Sponsored by the Issaquah & Redmond Rousers Rotary Clubs
Autographed Mariner Collectibbles!

Raffle SalesHelbling, Kuechle
Tom Helbling and Jane Kuechle were selling up a storm at the Mercer Island QFC (South), while Rich Bear took a break with some of Doug McLean's bubbly.

Don’t miss a father-son act this Friday to round out September and welcome the new fall season. Dr. Al Einstein is Director of the Swedish Hospital Cancer Institute. His son Will should be in attendance to get their pictures taken. Dr. Einstein will discuss current events in cancer research. Bring a guest, plan for breakfast at the ever-popular Glendale Country Club at 7:00 a.m., followed by the weekly meeting at 7:30 and program at 8:00.

Each month, all 51 Rotary Clubs in District 5030 are required to send attendance records to District Secretary Bob Damon. This week will wind up September, and the Club Administrator is prepared to send another monthly report to Bob. It would help immensely if you could get your make-ups in to BBRC Secretary Terry Peterson prior to Friday. He will accept your report by email. Send your make-ups to Thanks.

A new quarter begins Monday, October 1. Because of our computer problems in July, the First Quarter billing was late getting to you. If you have not paid your membership dues this quarter, have lost the bill, or just don’t know your status, please email John Mix so we can keep your account up-to-date or phone him at (360) 863-0861. Thanks again

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– Abe Lincoln