Vol. 13, No. 25, December 18, 2000

 Ta For Tea? Or Thai?

    Dear Ask-A-Rotarian,

    I have this wonderful Rotary Exchange Student living with my family. Ta is funny, smart, confident  but quiet  interested in everything, and ready for new experiences. My problem is this: I can't find very many Rotarians to include him in an outing or even a meal at their home (which, I might add, he would love.) What should I do?

    Judge "Fine the Slackers" Jenny

Dear Judge,

No problem, here's what you do:

  1. Remind your Rotary friends that "Ta" would like to meet them and spend an evening or weekend with their families doing just about anything. With the holidays here, there are lots of parties, church events, and family times in which Ta could be included.
  2. Let your Rotary pals know what specific things Ta would like to do, such as visiting the Aquarium, the Space Needle, Pike Street Market, the Asian Art Museum. Let them know that Ta is a SPORTS FAN and would like to attend a few Sonics games, UW games, and hockey games. He also likes the theater and music of all kinds.
  3. Everyone has to eat, right? Well, remind the Rotarians that Ta LOVES to eat and likes to try all different kinds of food. He would LOVE to be invited out to dinner.
  4. Remind them that "The Judge" is a New Year's Eve drop-out and that Ta LOVES to celebrate the new year. Ask them to please show mercy on Ta and
    rescue him from a night of popcorn and old movies at the Judge's house.
  5. Let them know how much THEY will get out of spending some time with Ta. He's a great kid and easy to be with!
  6. Let them know to call you at work (425-643-7117) or at home (425-747-4555) to schedule some time with Ta  now  TODAY!