Vol. 13, No. 25, December 18, 2000

 What John Mix Wants For Christmas

Dear Santa:

If I could have anything, Iíd like to have the Directory all finished, with everybody having a nice color picture and each person going to the ďMembers OnlyĒ link on the Website and filling out the ďcensus form.Ē So, Santa, I hope youíll give direction to the following Rotarians so they can complete their work on the directory. This is really for Doug Cameron, who spent all those years working so hard for our printed directory. We owe him for all those good years.

Susan Amini and Dick Swanson have no pictures and no census form filled out. Len Aspinwall, Sadru Kabani, John Nees, John Smolke, and Bruce Walker havenít filled out their census forms. Both Carlene Buty and Doug Engberg are newcomers, and weíll take their pictures after the New Year. John DeWater didnít spent much time on his census form. Itís really dry reading. Címon, John, you can tell us more about yourself than that!

Thatís all I want for Christmas, Santa. And, I invite each of these fine Rotarians to email me if they donít know how to connect into the Members Only section, and weíll get them on their way.

Merry Christmas, Santa Öand thanks!

Yours sincerely,
John P. Mix