Vol. 13, No. 23, December 4, 2000

 Karnack the Magnificent

O'Brien, Truesdell
Karnack, with a whopper of a headache! Mary Truesdell looks on.

Wearing a modified Johnny Carson get-up, Sergeant At Arms Rourke O’Brien, with the help of his assistant Mary Truesdell , gave a pretty good impression of Karnack the Magnificent.

  • First answer was: Jewell (Juul), Johnson, and May
  • The question was: “What do these names have in common?”
    Of course, they are all BBRC Rotarians, Kevin, Paul, Norm, Howard, Larry, and Larry. If any one of those were seated at a table, everyone at that table had to pony up $1.00.
  • Next answer was: $200
  • Question was: “How much will Steve Goldfarb pay for the January no-fine badge?”
  • Next answer was: “Absolutely anything!”
  • The question was: “What will Joseph Brazen do for publicity?”
  • Final question was: “June 25.”
  • Question was: “What is Wendi Fischer ’s due date!” [Inexpensive birth announcement! Congratulations, Wendi and Chad.]